Who would really need to build a website?

It’s a million dollar question when you are planning to explore the possibilities in the online platform. Websites are the gateway to your presence were you could begin your exploration in the online platform. There are mainly two sets of users who should really consider building a website.

The first set of users are mainly the companies or entrepreneurs who wanted to establish their business online. The most features they could utilise would includes the informative pages, product or service listing, search filters, online store or e-commerce solutions, payment gateway solutions, dynamic formfills, Inventory and Content Management Systems.

The second set of users are the individuals or professionals who wanted to build their online portfolio or otherwise called the “web profile”. They could utilise the features that would include Blogs, Whitepapers, Portfolio Sliders, Galleries, Call to Actions, Service Booking, Calendars / Meeting Scheduler, Enquiry formfills, and Social Media integrated features..

No matter what set of user you are.. the specification of your website is the most important factor. One must approach a profectional consultant to design the functionality of your website right from choosing the perfect platform for hosting your website, to the style guide and the features that would work ultimately for your business.

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