Things you need before your Digital Marketing Expedition

You preferably a small business owner or a new marketing executive trying to elevate your business to the next level with the Digital world or Online platforms. Digital marketing is the process involved in using the opportunities of the Internet to market your brand, business, products or services. It includes Search Engines Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media Engagements, Link Building Strategies, Email Campaigns, Blogging and Content Marketing. With millions of people using the internet every day, the strategy is to get your visibility in front of the right audience whenever they need or want it.

You would have spent a long time researching and identifying the key elements to establish a beautiful strategy that works best for your business. You may find some results, but how do you know if it is your full potential? Or where do you think you have gone wrong with your strategy? Or what’s stopping you from achieving your targeted objectives..?

Most marketers make a big mistake while investing in the Digital Marketing, simply because they just spend on the strategy, but not on understanding the behavioral patterns of your target audience or building a platform to collect their information. You may have the track of leads that have contact you, but how about the prospective customer who had left halfway on their journey?

Your audience is your key and they walk through 3 stages, which are “Awareness, Consideration, and Decision Making”. All traffic you generated with your strategy has a story to tell about their journey, all that you need to do is to implement a platform for them to narrate their story, in the way you interpret it.

Now let’s look at 3 important tools you should implement before you take off with your Digital Marketing Game Plan!


Get to know your audience better!

Web analytics provides a deeper understanding of your website traffic based on their demographics, visibility sources, how they use your website and the most reviewed contents. The insights help the marketers to tweak the website in such a way, what makes sense to the users. It’s the backbone of everything you need online.

There are several platforms available to help to track these metrics. One of the most popular is Google Analytics, which is free, quick to set up, and easy to navigate and customize.


Overview of your website and it’s credential!

website auditing tool helps you to evaluate and realize the strength of your website with the actual reports of your website performance, critical errors and recommends ways to improve your search ranking. Most importantly, your website should have proper linking and keyword strength to attract your audience and saturate them to the sales process.

You could use the available free or premium services from website auditing tools like Woorank, SEO Site CheckUP, Semrush, Seoptimer, ahref etc.. and list your initial set of activities to improve your website for your audience’s journey.


No more prospects, without an identity.

Marketing automation is typically a software-oriented process (CRM tool) to optimizing efficiency, boosting company growth, and managing customers. it allows companies to effectively measure their target customers’ identity and journey across multiple channels. The ultimate objective of implementing an automation tool is to follow a “funnel” based marketing or sales mechanism, where the top of the funnel has your traffic from all sources, whereas the bottom of the funnel will be your delightful customers.

Hubspot is one of the most popular marketing tools that could let your leads find their path from the audience level, to the potential buyer, and to successful customers. With the CRM tools, you could record every single action that you make with your leads and build the pathway for their journey with customized email triggers, smart contents, pop-up forms, convincing offers, and extended services.

At cleverjack, we believe in the power of ideas, gathered from the team of experts. We are based in Aluva (Kochi), and providing valuable services to clients worldwide in Branding, Website Designing, and Marketing Services. We thrive on making a difference to brands and helping companies in making powerful Marketing adventures and audience connection

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