The Ultimate objectives of all marketing initiatives are focused on leads, customers & sale potentials!

Marketing Services

It provides the framework for any organization to apply their strategies across mass, direct, and digital media platforms. At Cleverjack we intend to provide a fully integrated customer relationship marketing solution, that could result in higher ROI and increased brand felicitations.

Marketing Research
Brand Auditing
Strategies & Game Plan
Media Planning

Our Strategies

Strategies are derived from the 3 three major factors that determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Target Audience

Selecting the right audience to target for marketing is crucial, before establishing any solutions!.

Ultimate Objectives

Identifying the value proposition for your marketing efforts helps in improving your marketing strategy!

The Game Plan

Most strategies need the best solutions, implemented through the right channels for great results!.

Kick start your adventure with our Digital Marketing Basic Package!

Explore the world of opportunities, while shifting your business online. Automate your process to measure your performances and make sure your leads are captured securely. Tweak your web presence, integrate your social networks, maximize your reach, and experience the latest trends in Digital Marketing. 

This package is best suited for start-up companies, new or existing business owners to establish a basic online marketing Platform.

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Our Marketing Service

Scope Of Work

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Email Campaigns, Viral videos, Re-targeting banners, or Display advertisements, and Smart websites credentials to connect with current and prospective customers. Our Digital Marketing Services includes the following.

  • Organic SEO & SMO
  • Social Media Marketing (Engagements / Optimization)
  • Paid Campaigns (Pay Per Click / Cost Per View)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Viral Marketing  (video)
  • Re-targeting banners (Display ads / Web Banners)

Marketing Automation

Most companies fail to attain a greater result from their Marketing initiatives simply because they fail to implement a proper funnel based mechanism to capture their inbound visitors, analyzing their sources, convert the visitors Into qualified leads, tracking the leads and deals on time, turn leads Into potential customers, and delight customers to maximize value. we help our clients to implement the right Marketing and CRM tools to grow their business potentials and track their entire funnel at one place.

  • CRM Integration (Leads, Deals, Invoice, Sales)
  • Analytics and tracking tool Integration
  • Marketing Software Integration (Inbound Marketing)
  • Business Email Setup and campaign tool integration
  • Smart Forms and Lead capturing set-up for Websites

Advertising / Marketing Communication

Advertising or Marketing communications is a process ensuring the consistent message of a brand is delivered to its target audience, through the most possible mediums or channels.

Apart from the online marketing platform, we help our clients with integrated marketing communication (IMC) concepts to ensure that all forms of communication and messages are linked together to create a unified and seamless brand experience and maximizes the attention of potential customers.

  • Media Advertisements – (Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, OOH)
  • Brand Promotions – (Experiential Marketing & Events (MICE)) 
  • Mobile or SMS Marketing
  • Direct Marketing – ​(Postal, Inserts)
  • Telemarketing 

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Explore the world of opportunities, while shifting your business online.

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