Branding & Designing

It’s the Brand strategy that determinates the overall experience!

Branding & Designing

There are several areas that can be used to develop a brand, including the Marketing Collateral, promotional merchandise, customer service and engagements, cross-platform advertising, Visual identities, and reputation. All these essentials would work together to build an exclusive eye-catching Brand profile.

At Cleverjack, we invest completely into the bloodline of your brand to bring up creative ideas to establish your brand’s reputation in the most competitive world.

Creative Design
Brand style guidelines
Graphic Design & Printing
Visual media and infographics

Our Branding & Designing

Scope Of Work

Our ultimate objective is to keep our services in the loop where all sets of customers can benefit to the maximum. We deliver services that are simple, cheap, yet proficient with the latest standards and technology best practices.

Brand Identity

Brand Name, Logo, tagline, and visual identity

We would start with creating a strong expressive identity which is the heart and face of your brand that are story-driven and serve as the linchpin for your brand’s success.

Brand style guidelines

Your brand identity relies on the visual system of your branded elements.

It works together to identify your business. These elements form your brand guidelines, which can be used to help communicate your brand identity in the future.


it’s your new face in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.

Rebranding a company is important. Whether being Big or small, whatever the changes may, creating an impact is truly based on how you craft yourself to the next level.

Collateral Designs

The collection of media that would promote your brand worldwide.

Brand Collateral will support the sales and marketing of your product or service. Be it a Business Card, brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, Corporate Presentation,s or even your product package, It’s the tangible evidence of your brand, designed congruent with the brand’s core values and personality.

Does it look like you need a customized package to suits your requirement?

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Kick start your adventure with the Branding Basic Package!

The most basic branding package will have a personalized logo for your business identity, business cards, and a letterhead. It will also contain a branding standards document called “Brand Guidelines” which will allow you to unit your communications across all channels as per your branding specifications.

This package is best suited for start-up companies, new or existing business owners to establish a strong brand identity.

Kick start your Basic Package!

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